LIST number 1 Fee: 50,000 rubles

1.1 Preparatory works at water well drilling site.

1.2 Water well drilling technology. Choice of drilling rig and equipment.

1.3 Installation of filter column and well equipping.

1.4 Pre - commissioning.

1.5 Preparation of as-built documents and passport for water well.

1.6 Delivery of water wells in operation.

1.7 Water wells acidizing.

1.8 Water wells overhaul.

1.9 Extraction of missed (fallen) water-lifting equipment from water wells.

1.10 Liquidation plugging including the execution of preparatory and executive documents.

LIST № 2

Section 1 Fee: 5,000 rubles

2.1.1 Substantiation of water consumption from underground sources.

2.1.2 Preparation of hydro-geological analysis and the choice of an aquifer.

2.1.3 Binding of the water well location to the terrain.

2.1.4 Calculation of sanitary protection zone belts.

2.1.5 Geological section and operational water well design.

Section 2 Fee: 5,000 rubles

2.2.1 Pneumatic and impulse treatment of water wells.

2.2.2 Geophysical exploration of a water well.

Section 3 Fee: 10,000 rubles

2.3.1 Special facilities are included in the processing complex when water is extracted from underground sources by water wells: Regulated tanks Relift pumping plant Water purification equipment Water towers

Section 4 Fee: 5000 rubles

2.4.1 Special water wells: Leading water wells Injection type water wells

Section 5 Fee: 5,000 rubles

2.5.1 Engineering protection of water-intake facilities

LIST № 3 Fee: 30,000 rubles

3.1 The organization of water well drilling works or the activities for water ways creation and its related complex of technological and production processes, including those which are carried out on the basis of a general contractor contract.

3.2 Building control construction activities for water supply facilities and intakes implemented by sub-contractors to perform work on the basis of a general contractor agreement.

3.3 Building control of water wells drilling works or the work for the establishing of water supply ways and associated complex of technological and production processes, including those which are carried out on the basis of the general contractor agreement.