1. The Partnership brings together more than thirty specialized companies with extensive experience in water wells drilling. Such companies may quickly and efficiently perform any amount of works in any region of CFD (Central Federal District).

2. Work contracts are signed with Partnership members, and the NP Water well drillers association as a separate legal entity is liable to the Customer and is bound by consolidated financial, organizational and technical responsibility concerning the work performance term observation and the quality performance of all work.

3. The partnership together with the SOGAZ insurance group developed insurance regulations for water wells and water well drilling process which are already used in practice.

4. The Partnership has developed the first and the only ones Russian technical standards for water wells drilling. The abovementioned standards allow you to control the drilling process and to provide a comprehensive safety and high quality of work.

Advantages for Customers

1. In accordance with the legislation the Partnership has a compensation fund, which can be used if necessary for payments in order to provide property liability for the Partnership members and damages compensation to a Customer.

2. The own resources of the NP Water well drillers association allow to perform work without an advance payment for hydro-geological surveys and the execution of all available documents.

3. When a Customer already has water wells, we can conduct its full hydro-geological examination using modern acoustic, hydro-chemical, video registration equipment. This examination will reliably identify all of the required work on cleaning, repairing, grouting and new drilling. Thus, the costs will be reduced and an optimal sequence of necessary work will be determined.

4. The members of the Partnership developed unique technical devices to work in confined spaces with the requirements for quality and safety observance.

5. Pursuant to the Ministry of Justice resolution our members acquired the right (possibility) to work on the basis of general contractor agreement if the Partnership corresponding authorization is available.

6. The Partnership Charter provides for protection of information constituting a state secret. And a number of SRO members are licensed by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation to perform work on secure facilities.

We offer cooperation to individuals and organizations, basing on the fact that we are able to fully guarantee the high quality and timely fulfillment of any order associated with water well drilling.

Types of work performed by Partnership members:

• Drilling of water wells, including production water well drilling

• Well infrastructure development

• Installation of water supply system

• Installation of water treatment systems

• Repair of wells

• Liquidation plugging of water wells

• Hydro-geological and geophysical survey of wells

• Autonomous sewerage for a country house