1 . Self-regulation rather new form of the organization of works of commercial structures in Russia. It is entered on the basis of the Federal law 315 of 1.12.2007. This form of regulation is actively supported by the state. In the short term SRO has to become the main organizational and legal form businesses on a professional basis.

2. SRO ” NP Water Well Drillers Association” unites today 37 commercial enterprises working at the market of drilling for water. Our SRO covers territorially not only the center of Russia, but also Siberia. Participation in SRO is voluntary for the companies, it is based on equality of all members of SRO.

3. Since 2014 of SRO " NP Water Well Drillers Association " establish the Branch in the Northern Federal district. This Branch will unite the companies of Siberia and the Far East.

4. SRO exercises strict control of quality of the works performed by the companies – Members of SRO. This control is exercised by introduction of special Standards of drilling on the water, SRO developed by experts with involvement of all members of SRO. These Standards are obligatory for performance by all members of SRO.

5. SRO is consolidated with the responsibility of SRO members concerning the damage caused to the Customer by low-quality performance of work. For this purpose in SRO Compensation Fund established.

6. Together with the leader of insurance services in Russia the SOGAZ company developed a new insurance product on insurance of wells only for members of our SRO that gives much more guarantees to the Customer and the Performer.

7. SRO plans opening of own Training center of professional development of the personnel of the drilling companies. Training programs taking into account new realities (equipment, technologies, the international standards) in the drilling market on water are developed.

8. SRO plans Branch opening in Switzerland. This Branch will be a link between the Russian companies which are engaged in drilling for water, and the international profile organizations. By means of this Branch it is planned to adjust an exchange of experience in this branch, participation in the international profile Associations, studying of practice of application of the international Standards regulating this kind of activity.

9. As the Branch in Switzerland can act as the Center of the integrated orders for drilling equipment and accessories to it, acting as the corporate client for manufacturers of special equipment, components for drilling solutions, etc.

10. The international companies interested in development of the business of drilling for water in Russia, by means of the introduction get in SRO " NP Water Well Drillers Association " not only information support, but also opportunity on the lawful bases to participate in auctions and the tenders announced in the Russian Federation on this type of service (works).