The documents required to enter the Partnership

In order to become a Partnership member a legal person (Applicant) shall submit the following documents to Supervisory Board:

  • Application to become a Partnership member
  • A copy of the Charter;
  • Deed of incorporation (if any);
  • Copy of Certificate of legal entity state registration;
  • Copy of Certificate of registration with a tax authority (INN);
  • A copy of information letter about the registration in State Register of Federal State Statistics Service (OKPO);
  • A copy of extract from Unified State Register of Legal Entities (or Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs);
  • A copy of the Applicant’s authorized body resolution concerning the appointment of a person who is authorized to sign the application on behalf of the Applicant without a power of attorney (notarized one). This document is requested only when it is impossible to get a notarized extract copy from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.
  • Bank and postal details, contact telephone numbers of responsible officials;
  • Information about directors and employees, including copies of documents (diplomas, licenses, certificates), confirming the level of education and professional qualification of employees;
  • Form 1 and Form 2 of financial statement for the previous year and the last reporting period (quarter) with the tax authority stamp.
  • Information on the availability of material and technical basic resources;
  • The insurance policy on civil and legal liability insurance for the damage caused to third parties.

The application shall be signed by the head of the Applicant or any other person authorized for such signing in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The copies of the Certificates and Extracts shall be notarized.

The documents presented for partnership or the copies thereof shall be certified by the signature of the person authorized to act without a power of attorney on behalf of the Applicant and also by the Applicant’s stamp.

The membership within the Partnership is a voluntary one. The admission to the Partnership members is performed in accordance with the Russian Federation legislation and the Partnership Charter.

5. Section: Partnership admission procedure

The documents presented by the Applicant to the Partnership are submitted to the Control Committee, which within thirty (30) days from the receipt of these documents and on the basis of check results makes and sends to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board the statement of Applicant documents compliance with the conditions of Partnership admission. Within three (3) days after the signing by the Supervisory Board Chairman of the aforesaid statement the Applicant shall pay the entrance fee, the fee to the Compensation Fund and the annual fee. After the signing and paying of fees the Supervisory Board of the Partnership makes a resolution on the Applicant’s admission to the Partnership and on granting a membership certificate to the Applicant. The mentioned resolution is executed by the Supervisory Board Protocol.

The membership certificate is signed by the Director General. The data on becoming a new member of the Partnership and the receipt of the certificate by that member shall be included in the Register of the Partnership members on the date of the resolution acceptance and the certificate issuance. The grounds for refusal to admit the Applicant to the Partnership members are established by laws and other regulations of the Russian Federation and by the Charter.

The grounds for the refusal to admit the Applicant to the Partnership members are: the Applicant’s incompliance with the requirements to the Partnership members; failure to provide a full set of the required documents to enter the Partnership. The refusal to admit the Applicant to the Partnership is not an obstacle for the next application.